Monday, August 13, 2007

Sunday's Lunch Menu

Good heavens, my sitemeter seems to be going sky-high today because of people coming in from Tillerman's post on a food I can't quite believe needs to exist.

Prepackaged potatoes for microwave baking? Prepackaged hot dogs in buns? No, I don't quite get the necessity for either of those, but Smucker's "Uncrustables" brand crimped-edged frozen PB&J product takes the cake. Or maybe the Wonder Bread. Seriously, if you're not one of the people who are coming here from there, and you aren't otherwise familiar with this wonder of catering to some insane level of American culinary laziness, you have got to go read that post...

In light of the fact, though, that many people ARE coming in through that post, so clearly it's been posted on some website that draws a lot of people with an interest in nautical nutrition, I'm going to share with you the snack provided for Sunday's Kayakways workshop, since I was partially responsible for the menu when it was decided on a last minute basis that it would probably be a good idea for the Small Boat Shop to provide something to help those midpoint munchies. There had been a bit of an alteration to the original schedule and it was realized that there'd been no clear statement that there wasn't going to be any food available at the venue. A quick stop at Stop N' Shop was made to make sure nobody started chewing on their tuiliqs -- US tuiliqs being made of neoprene, they offer even less nutritional value than the sealskin originals, which might theoretically offer some modicum of protein if boiled for about a week. The Small Boat Shop guy selected a nutritious healthy snack. I suggested adding some chocolate (in a suitable matrix for summer use).

And I think I'm going to make a word problem out of it, since I haven't done that since the osprey & the jet took off from Jamaica Bay at the same time!

Frogma word problem du jour: There were 10 kayakers on Peach Island. They worked on their rolls for 4 hours. At that point two bags were opened in their presence. One held one dozen Power Bar Harvest Bars* and one held approximately five to six times that number of small chocolate chip cookies.

10 minutes later, which bag's contents had been reduced by 100%?


*I would have voted for Luna Bars, but I hear that men get kind of funny about eating those!

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