Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Watching the birdies (not a catch-up) -

Had fun birdwatching during the Breezy Point paddle on Sunday. Love these little sandpipers & plovers, they are so cute the way they run in and out with the waves.

I'm really craving a better camera for this sort of stuff, (especially after finding the wonderful photography of Peggy at Paddle Tales via a "Why blog?" thread I started at Paddling.net - had some interesting responses & Peggy's birds are just awesome - she's a really good photographer with a camera that's a bit out of my range & boy does it show) - but if you sit quietly enough on the beach, these guys will eventually decide you're not so bad.

We got home at a good hour for the parakeets' evening carol...


Well, songbirds they aren't, but they're fun to have around.

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