Friday, March 14, 2008

5 Minute Spitzer Lunch Hour Rant.

OK, I wasn't gonna say anything about the whole Spitzer stupidity 'cause it's all just too stupid for words - BUT - a pullout quote in the NY Times just grabbed my attention (exactly as intended) in an oh-really-now sort of way.

Well, I'm a woman. And guess what? What I mostly see is a guy being really, really, really DUMB.

I expect that I'll expand upon that after work. Not by much, though. How much more is there to say?

post-work elaboration, such as it is...
Yes. Of course I also see a person cheating on their spouse, how could I miss that? And although fairly open-minded, I'm just old-fashioned enough to think that if Person A is married (or civilly unified, for that matter) to Person B, they shouldn't be messing around with a Person C without giving some serious attention to the person with whom they willingly entered into a legally recognized relationship first. Whether that attention results in the marriage ending, or some sort of agreement to wink at it...that's up to them. There are some strange arrangements in the world. Always have been, especially (at least it sometimes seems that way) among the high & mighty. Not my cup of tea but it happens & I kind of hesitate to judge. Relationships are complicated things & you never know what they look like from inside.

Mostly, it's the sheer stupidity of Spitzer's thinking that he could even think about doing what he did without realizing that there was a fair probability that it might come back to bite him in the backside that gets me.

OK, every human being is entitled to a certain number of airhead moments in life. Mind farts, temporary insanity, raging outbreaks of foot-in-mouth disease, the occasional decision that one looks back on in hindsight & asks ruefully, "good grief, what was I smoking that day?" - it happens! We've all been there, right?

But you'd think that when a person happens to be Eliot Spitzer, it should not be too difficult for that person to figure out that for them, of all people, patronizing an escort service is just not a good idea.

I mean, really, how dense can a politician get?*

Man. It would be very nice if the people who get themselves elected to public office actually were smart, not just good at making mouth noises giving a false impression of smartness.

The original article, btw, was about the differing views of men & women who've been focusing on the Spitzer scandal on the talk shows. You can read that here.

*Please note - Comments are open if you'd care to take a stab at answering that question, I meant it rhetorically, but that could be amusing!

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