Thursday, March 20, 2008

Springy Things!

I wanted to post a lovely crocus for a still-snowbound (but seeing signs of a thaw!) Canadian - and then I just decided I'd keep going with all the Springish pix I've taken in the last couple of weeks!



Gardeners looking at a crocus!


Paerdegat Parakeets, doing a little spring cleaning (not that these guys ever STOP working on their nest, but they seemed to be really concentrating - must be getting ready for nestlings)

Brants. These dark little geese and the grunting honks with which they converse are such a signature of winter on the water in NYC - see them in Tugster's UFO Taxonomy, and earlier in the year (in motion, even) on BillyBlog. This time of year, I see them and I think about how they'll be leaving us for their northern summering grounds before too long, and then we'll start seeing our own summer birds, the black skimmers, the ospreys...

Frogma's Garden, looking all scruffy & untended after a long winter...

Same bed after a little tlc & tidying - no, Claire, never got my horse manure but there's some good NYC Parks compost in there now!

And finally, a tiny tiny snake, hardly awake yet - Adele the Gardening Chair found it curled up at the base of one of her tiny tree saplings while she was tending to them -

Just the warmth of her hands woke the snake up - she moved it to a safer spot where he or she would be out of the way of our activities & I expect it went back to sleep. Not quite time to come out of hibernation yet - but we're getting very, very close!

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