Monday, March 17, 2008

Long Island Paddlesports & Safety Symposium, Sunday, March 9th, Oakdale, LI

Look. Outside. Smiling. Woohoo.

Would it spoil it if I told you that grin's half nerves as it was taken just as Minh & Jerry & I were getting ready to do some extensive rolling, for spectators, in some pretty cold water & I'd been questioning my sanity all morning? It's one thing doing a few quick sweep rolls with your friends - but Sebago had signed up to do a DEMO for the 5th Annual Long Island Paddling Safety Symposium & that means you really, really, really don't want to foul things up. Add to that that I'd been a leetle cocky in a couple of emails leading up to the event (when the wisdom of doing a rolling demo in conditions that were at some points looking pretty dubious was being debated) and I was pretty much gonna feel like the biggest knucklehead in Long Island if I ended up getting hypothermic, or getting vertigo, or anything stupid like that!

Went fine, though, we had a blast, Stevie was sad he was stuck on the dock without a boat, and I'm finally done with the gallery! Look, we're outside!

Actually I have 3 other trip reports I haven't done yet - I mean actual, outside, paddling to get somewhere paddles. 2 great ones over President's Day, and another good'un just last Saturday.

Here's hoping I have time to attend to those before April!

In the meantime, hope you enjoy the pictures - oh, and yes, I think I said it on comments somewhere but assuming the month of April isn't a total meteorological freak of a month, this is the first year that I actually kept rolling outside throughout the "off-season". Oh, quit snickering, you Canadians & assorted midwesterners, I'm happy about it! Although I do have to admit that the most ice I saw all winter was skim ice Sunday morning of President's Day weekend & that had melted by the time we got home!

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