Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nouveau on Newkirk!

En Francais!

Vous: "Eh, Bonnie, ou sommes-nous au jour d'hui? Est-ce que nous sommes en France?"
Moi: "Non, nous ne sommes pas en France - nous sommes en Brooklyn!"
Vous: "Brooklyn? Vraiment?"
Moi: "Absolutement!"

Yes, it looks like Ditmas Park has an imminent bistro! I stumbled across it on my way home from Vox Pop (Felice & Nao just COOKED, btw), almost thought they'd slipped something "special" into my organic Chardonnay when I noticed the place.

But it's real, et il y'a beaucoup de "buzz"!

Oh, this is pretty exciting for this neighborhood because right now you can count the fancier restaurants in the vicinity on one hand, with a finger or two to spare. Add in the less-slick, but still fine in my book, places like Cinco de Mayo (good little Mexican hole-in-the-wall joint on Courtelyou) and you might make it onto the 2nd hand. You won't need to move to toes, though.

I still probably have more good food within walking distance of my home than the vast majority of people in this country (remembering that in the 'burbs people really don't lives within walking distance of just about any retail establishment, it's all cars), but by NY standards, this neighborhood's pretty sparse. I do like to cook, so the paucity of fine dining in the immediate vicinity has never been a problem for me - but it is going to be nice to have another good place nearby!

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