Thursday, March 20, 2008

Loving the Internet.

So there I was, visiting the blog of some people in Croatia, who I knew when I was at Manhattan Kayak Company and they were paddling Hawaiian-kine canoes with New York Outrigger, after having seen it mentioned on a site run by an Spanish gentleman of highly Anglophilic bent, which I was reading on an aggregator run by a Dane who's opening a kayak company in Venice.

How much does the Internet rock, anyways?

Pretty much left the same thing on Shane & Julie's blog. Couldn't resist just slapping it up here, too.

PS...OK, not entirely related, but old high school classmate BillyBlogger happened to post a set of pictures today including one I took one evening when we were hanging out with the mayor of Honolulu and a whole lot of really nice folks from our old school. That was fun but posting about it seemed awfully name-droppish - but since he did it first!

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