Friday, March 21, 2008

ACA thoughts from recently-certified Ron!

Just a quick note - for anybody who found "ACA Goo Goo, BCU Ga Ga" (couple of posts ago, hence no link)and the comments that post elicited to be of interest, Ron (who I "paged" with a link because he was the first person I thought of when trying to think of who might be able to talk about the updated ACA teaching, since it was so long ago that I got my ACA certification) has got a post up now that gives a really nice rundown of his thoughts about his certification last year.

Interestingly enough, he's also talking about branching off & starting into some BCU training, and also likes the Greenland mentoring approach (ooh, hey, did I ever mention that I'm going to be one of the mentor team that Cheri & Turner have helping out at the Hudson River Greenland Festival? Looking forward to that!) -

Alex left a comment that made me realize I'd been overlooking the fact that having 2 major organizations actually creates some healthy competition -

Reading Ron's plans reminded me of something that I hadn't overlooked, I knew this, just didn't mention it -

I'm completely convinced that taking classes from different people, teaching with different styles, creates a certain synergy - ideas start cross-pollinating, the boundaries stop being so important & you just end up soaking up stuff in a way that feels amazing.

The most vivid recollection I have of that sort of thing really getting going was at Sweetwater a couple of years back when I went to their symposium & was taking Greenland classes AND working with Nigel F. & Kristin - the switching back & forth between boats & blades in the midst of the same symposium just jazzes things up in the most wonderful way!

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