Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why We Like to Paddle to Howard Beach.

OK, so anybody wanna take any bets on whether the 3-trip compendium report gets done before April? I thought that would not be a problem but I keep getting stuck at work. I'd already mentioned that I suppose it doesn't really count as playing hooky when you get advance permission - I think it counts even less when you end up working 2 fourteen hour days back to back to make sure you've got all you stuff where it needs to be before you go incommunicado for 24 hours!

Ah well. Here is an excerpt from the compendium. Stevie said I don't post enough pictures of food, so when Minh ordered the pollo paesano at Gino's and it came out looking this yummy, I pulled out the camera (honestly I feel a little silly taking pictures of my food in public, but with all the pretty peppers & sundried tomatoes & what-all I decided to make an exception). Figured I'd go ahead & pull out this picture & post it because 1) I don't want boss bully to be the most recent post any more (surprising how many other people said "Me too!" - pretty wild how widespread & sneaky & treacherous to deal with it is) and 2) maybe the Canadian CKayaker will see it, become overwhelmed with a craving for some good NYC Italian cuisine & pencils a stop in Brooklyn into his quest for water of the non solid-state variety.

BTW since I'm always talking about how much we like to paddle to Gino's and stuff ourselves, it occurs to me that hey, I should actually link to their website in case anybody else wants to skate/bike/row/hang glide/BASE jump in there and stuff themselves too. So here it is! We've always gotten an unfailingly warm welcome, freakish adventure-sport garb and all!

BTW, I do believe you could even get there in one of those "car" things. :D

And CKayaker Michael - if the currents don't work for Gino's, don't forget there's always Turkish!

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