Sunday, March 09, 2008

Swinecicle - and - Considering the Sadness of Puffins

Taken shortly before noon on the Dowling College campus. Breezy day, but we did our rolling demo. This means that the off-season of 07-08 has great potential (barring torrential downpours every other day in April that would force me to stay rightside-up) to become the first off-season during which I have rolled during every single month.

I mean outside, and in the Northeast, of course.

The wind had us all feeling hesitant earlier in the day. A gale warning was in effect 'til noon, coincidentally the hour at which the symposium opened, with the first on-water demo beginning an hour or so later. The first one got postponed, but by the start time of the 2nd one things had settled down enough to make it work. It was chilly, but once we got going & having fun I think the spectators were probably colder than we were!

More pictures from the symposium later. Thanks Elizabeth at SKSA for a fun day. LOVED the new location!

Now thinkng about that wind in the afternoon - I bet the Puffins & pals were having a heady shreddy Sunday!

Such cheery birds, puffins. I sometimes wonder if there's anything (aside from being caught in long-handled nets for a Faroe Islander's supper, which just has to be a bummer) that can make them sad...

This, maybe?

(whaddayathink, Puffy Puffin of the Peconic, should I have rescued the poor thing from the junkman er antique dealer as a spring fixer-upper project?)

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