Friday, June 06, 2008

6 Unremarkable Quirks

Well, I have been tagged a number of times & been too busy or, when not busy, had topics that I wanted to post about, but I haven't forgotten & I will hopefully gradually get to them (although I don't think I'm going to tag - just pick this up if it sounds like fun!

First up is actually the most recent -

6 Unremarkable Quirks, with which I was tagged by The Ancient One, Blessed Be He.

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My 6 Quirks:

1. I like Twix bars. For non-US readers, this is a candy bar with a shortbread cookie with a layer of caramel, all covered with chocolate. That's not the quirk. The quirk is that I like to nibble the caramel off the top first, then eat the cookie.

2. I too have dimples. I didn't particularly like being told they were cute when I was a kid. I wasn't exactly a tomboy but I also wasn't a girly girl & cute was never an effect I was after (my grandmother's long-ago attempts to get me to not pull the crusts off sandwiches by telling me that they'd give me curly hair failed for that reason). Oh, one more note (unfortunately from experience) - in the highly unlikely event that you ever find me fighting with you, and you want me to stop, asking to see those dimples again won't work. On the rare occasion that I do get into an argument with someone, at the very minimum, I'd like to at least feel like I am being listened to taken seriously. Being asked for dimples does not give me that feeling.

3. I grew up in Hawaii but the worst sunburn I ever got was on an overcast day in Staten Island.

4. I can't give blood because I am at risk for mad cow disease (hey, nobody said the 6 quirks had to be things I'd never mentioned here).

5. I really like subway musicians. Well, except for maybe drummers, especially of the bongo variety, in confined areas. Oh, or when 2 buskers set up within earshot of each other & I can't get out of earshot of one or the other - that actually puts me physically on edge. I think the happiest I've ever been to see a train appearing on a normal service day involved a day where a pair of bongo drummers and a plastic-bucket drummer had set up on the 4,5 & 6 platform at Union Square & were madly ignoring each other. Oddly enough one of my favorite busker moments also involved a drummer at 14th street. He was jamming with a passing piper. It was one of those bizarrely fun things I was glad to have seen. My favorite individual busker has to be her.

6. I'm a compulsive doodler. I don't even really think about it, but I've never owned a notebook that didn't end up with a complete menagerie in the margins.

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