Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Graveyard of Ships Photo Trip Report!

ok, actually this one is from 2005 - but I didn't take any pictures of the first group of ghost ships you run into heading north from Tottenville, the oldest ones, so here's one of those.

And here's a photo trip report from my Sunday return to the Staten Island Graveyard of Ships. Great day, great group, couldn't have had a much more enjoyable day & the thunderstorms were merciful & stayed on the other side of the Kill.

BTW - remember this one from day before yesterday? Naturally, I went looking to see if I could find a picture of the boat when it was still working, searching under Astoria ferry NYC and a few other searches.

Don't think this is the same boat, but it sure looks like the same period, don't you think?

image swiped from World of Stereo Views - lots more neat old stereoscopic views of NY harbor & the boroughs over there.

cross-posted at the Sebago Canoe Club blog - don't miss Shari with the Blue Hat's Saturday report, we were a busy busy club last weekend!

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