Friday, June 06, 2008

Lesson from a Forum

No time for a proper post today - but this might interest some -

Last night, on the QajaqUSA Greenland Forum, I posted an email I'd sent to a friend, asking for comments.

The funny thing, it was about a description I'd written on the Greenland forward stroke & so I was hoping to learn how it might be described better, make sure I hadn't possibly confused things by describing anything the wrong way, and, oh, maybe pick up some pointers on practicing, myself (I'm still working on the Greenland forward stroke myself).

Well, there was a little of that, but I was surprised to pick up a far more general idea - that being that when you start talking to someone whose done a fair amount of BCU & wing paddle stroke training about Greenland stuff, one of the first things you should mention is that the Greenland-style teaching & learning philosophy is WAY different from BCU or ACA. As usual, it's not a matter of right or wrong - it can just be a little surprising. That thought didn't even cross my mind, but I won't forget it now!

Plus I got reminded that of all the ways there are to teach a skill, email just isn't the best...but I knew that!

Anyways, if this sounds even vaguely interesting, you can read it here.

If it doesn't -

Well, then, how about a Victorian Flatbush House Tour? That's Sunday, 6/8, run by the Flatbush Development Corporation (a really nice bunch, I went & participated in a neighborhood cleanup day last weekend, gotta get a picture before the taggers tag again, and I'd like to do a bit more of that sort of thing with them - you know, in my massive amounts of free time ;D...). I'd go except it's the Sebago SailComm's first Sunday Cruise, finally get to scratch that dinghy-sailing itch (I've decided that it still counts if the ten miles is done in a Sunfish)!


Anonymous said...

Hello !

I'm new on this forum so I introduce me...

My name is Jason I'm 20 years old, I'm Deutsch.

I like: Tennis and kitesurf...

Nice to meet you

bonnie said...

Nice to meet you too. Now can I ask - if you want to introduce yourself, why are you doing it on a commentless post that's over 2 years old?