Sunday, June 29, 2008

Garden Update

Why a garden update when I'm just back from a faaaaabulous weekend at the Hudson River Greenland Festival?

Simple. I'm too tired for anything more complex than a few pictures. Plus the garden's just going so crazy I couldn't resist. Check it out.

It's really amazing how little tending it requires right now - I should do something in the staking-up-the-tomatoes line soon but as far as water, we're having plenty of rain, and as far as weeds, everything I planted is doing so well the weeds just aren't really getting much headway.

Tonight's post-HRGF pickin's -

Beets, sugar snap peas & lambs' quarter.

Tomatoes & cucumbers coming soon!

And oh, one fun (if fuzzy) shot from the Hudson River Greenland Festival -

Anyone care to guess what was going on here? No fair if you already know.

It was one fun weekend.

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