Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Horseshoe Crabs

Awww, I meant to write about my first dinghy sail of the season tonight, but although the year-end close is through, I'd underestimated the volume of the post-close clean-up & tying up of loose ends. Another long day & it's too late to start tonight.

Instead, how about another NY Times link? It's sort of related -

I took this picture of a horseshoe crab during our lunch break on Sunday (they were EVERYWHERE! - wish I'd taken a couple more but at least I get to use my own picture). By coincidence, there was an interesting article about horseshoe crabs in the Science section of the Tuesday Times.

This probably didn't come anywhere close to the list of the author's Top 10 intents in writing the article, but I happen to think it does a pretty good job of explaining why these strange little beasties respond to a hard-shelled kayak like it's the last of the red-hot mamas!

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