Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Beautiful Bowl of Greens from my Garden (Or, Yet Another Night On Which I Fail to Write About Sailing)

It had a couple more days of heat wave to contend with after this, but the garden sure looked happy on Sunday. Lots of rain & warm weather & all I'm doing is...

enjoying the fruits (or leaves) of my less-than-laborious hobby!

Lambs' quarters (When does a weed cease to be a weed? When you figure out you rather like the taste) & beets (as in "Time to thin the beets"!) tonight. Barely steamed, no butter. Yum.

Might still write about sailing tonightJust-shy-of-midnight update - nope, too late, bedtime but yikes, I'm planning a pretty cool trip for my club on the weekend after next, and I gotta sort through my email, figure out who I forgot was coming (I'm not worried about the people I remember, I'm worried that with the frantic pace of work of late, somebody's slipped my mind), and more importantly, there was an email lurking about from an earlier attempt to plan the trip to include some friends from Staten Island, and that one had some clues about timing the trip to the tides. Plus there was a phone number I needed to call about a possible clear route of pursuit for at least a basic level of BCU coach certification.

A little work now & I think the payoff could be more than worth it.

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