Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cool Friends Doing Cool Things This Weekend (last weekend in June)

I'm about to become scarce for the next few days as I'm off to participate in a little MENTORMANIA yay! woohoo! at the Hudson River Greenland Festival, helping my favorite Greenland instructors get people doing things they can't believe they're doing, but they are. Should be great!

Only bummer is that I'm missing 2 very neat events friends of mine are doing.

My friend Felice's band Faith will be one of a number rocking the BAM Cafe during the URB ALT festival - she'll be there Friday, June 27th (8pm), festival continues on Saturday evening.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, June 27 - 29th - Downtown Boathouse regular & "fiend" Harry Spitz (he started his email "Dear Fiends" - I like it!) is hitting the BIG time making some BIG art on Governor's Island. It looks really cool - that is one of his preliminary planning sketches at the top of this post, check out more on his Graven Images blog. Looks like he's channeling those people who drew those giant hummingbirds & spiders & stuff way back when, maybe a little Celtic influence too, whatever it is, it looks very very cool. All part of the Figment NYC festival.

Think that's it for the next few days. Back next week!

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