Friday, April 02, 2010


OK, this has absolutely nothing to do with kayaking, sailing, life in NYC, urban gardening, or any of my usual subject. But it's too darned cute for words. And it's been a bad week for blogging. So here ya go. Enjoy!

(thanks Dan!)


Baydog said...

Man! They're like wild hyena-dog-horse type creatures. They also appear to be very gentle, but if they are threatened they can be quite nasty. My parents claim they have seen moose in their yard in Vermont and also running alongside them on the way to said house. I'll believe them when I see one!

bonnie said...

Oh, yes, adorable, but you'd definitely want to be shooting this video from the safety of your house!

Not that I've ever actually seen one but that is what I hear.

Paddling Otaku said...

In Alaska you are more likely to be injured by a moose than a bear -

But that said.... AWWWWWWWWW.

so cute.



Pandabonium said...

Wow. thanks.

Baydog said...

Cute enough, for sure. But Boris Badenov may not be on board.

Di said...

*bookmarks to show to Clairey in the morning*

Cuter than the 11-week old cocker spaniel/King Charles Cavalier Spaniel (aka Cockalier) puppy I saw this week.

O Docker said...

These aren't from Moosejaw, Saskatchewan are they?

I just like saying Moosejaw, Saskatchewan.

bowsprite said...

i feel strangely relaxed now.

Anonymous said...

worth a 1,000 words in a blog.