Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Flapper!

Peconic Puffin, February 2010: "The topic...'Worst Sailing Innovation Ever'...wasn’t a good topic for me, as 'worst' doesn’t really come to mind when I think of windsurfing innovations. Yeah there have been some short lived and/or goofy developments (flappers, football fins) but nothing really bad.
Comment Posted by: bonnie | February 16, 2010 at 05:27 PM: I don't know what a flapper is in windsurfing but the mental image I'm getting is one that makes me wish I had Bowsprite-like illustrational skills.

Boop boop be doop, whoosh!
Posted by: Michael | February 16, 2010 at 06:37 PM Well Bonnie, whenever we've convened a Blogfest you've shown off fine illustrating skills (I included your shark here). Your flapper would have been much nicer to look at than a windsurfing flapper, which is/was sort of a plastic tongue extending above and behind the board's fin, for the purposes of preventing cavitation. Boop boop be doop Sally will like that!

2 months later - boop boop be done!


Update - There is now a picture of the actual device known to windsurfers as a "flapper" up on Peconic Puffin. It actually makes a lot more sense than what I'd pictured, both initially (as depicted here) and then even after Michael explained it (when I was picturing something like the weed fin on my surfski, or perhaps a device like a small mudflap turned sideways, hanging underneath the boat).

BTW as I was drawing this, I was thinking it was really too bad that they didn't have windsurfers in the 20's - I bet Art Deco designers would have had a lot of fun with those!


JP said...

Great picture - thanks Bonnie and Bowsprite.

Of course now we want a photo ;)

PeconicPuffin said...

Awesome. Awesome! I must do a post immediately (after I find a photo of the flapper I was referring to.)

Did I mention that your drawing is awesome?

It's awesome.

PeconicPuffin said...

Thus posted.

Buck said...

I thought windsurfing flappers had tails... :-)

bonnie said...

There you go, JP, one photo!

BTW, saw your Gormleys the other night around twilight - pretty cool, those still figures up against the dark blue sky. Have to go back during daylight sometime.

Glad you liked this Michael - she was fun to draw!

Rebecca said...

Hi Bonnie,

I looked for a place to e-mail you but couldn't find it. I originally found your blog through the Outdoors NY State Blog last year. I wanted you to know that I just blogged about your 24 ways to get on the water post.

Thanks for a great blog!


bowsprite said...

boop boop de doop!
I saw that sketchbook,'re holding some good stuff back...

Pat said...

Fun, great drawing, loved it, definitely brought a smile.

Anonymous said...
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bowsprite said...

so, you went after the big meeting for spam, and now it's following you...

bonnie said...


bonnie said...

And why is it now that all the Spam is Chinese?

Bowsprite & I are referring to 2 spams that preceded her last comment, which were the kind with the short random quip followed by a string of periods, each period being a link, signed with Chinese characters - that's almost the only kind I see these days. Oh, that's right term paper sellers were big for a bit...English was not that crowd's first language either, as I recall. Hey, maybe that was it - maybe the term papers they were selling were in Latvian or something. If I needed a term paper in Latvian, I would almost certainly need to buy one, ethics be darned.

I delete those as quickly as I can.

Baydog said...

Way too much MSG in Chinese Spam. It's salty already

O Docker said...

Have you no compassion for the poor spammer?

That's just someone trying to make $67.50 per hour working online from home. Do you think it's easy cramming 58 links into a two-line message?

I think some of these spam messages have a spiritual, almost haiku sound to them. I think I'm going to start leaving blog comments in that style.

Drawing from the flapper girl with the mustard board has very art-like feelings happen.

bowsprite said...

so, when did we outsource our spam?