Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sebago Season Opener Gallery!

From Sebago Season Opener 2010
Busy weekend, I'm pooped, but here's some pretty pictures from today's Season Opener at the Sebago Canoe Club! Beautiful day (although b-r-r-r-eeeeezy!), good paddle, good food, and even the 3 1/2 hours of meetings (kayak committee followed by general meeting) wasn't too bad - kept moving, a lot of good information was gone over. And the wine didn't hurt (and the last bit of business was the best, four conditional members to be voted on for senior membership, woohoo & congrats to our four newest senior members)!


Special occasion today - the inaugural appearance of Steve H's beautiful new cherry-red TaheMarine Greenland-style kayak, just christened today - here's the first roll (and this will also give a hint to the conditions out there):

We had hot tamales, and he said something about that maybe being a good name for the new kayak. Don't know if he was serious or not but it is definitely one sweet-looking boat!

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Don said...

If I go for another "factory" boat, the Tahe is top of the list.

bonnie said...

Steve's boat did set us all a-drooling, and oh-ing and ah-ing. And the key thing - if you look at the gallery, you'll see that his smile is as broad upon the return as it was when he was first bringing the boat to the dock.

Of course Steve smiles a lot anyways, that's one of the things that makes him such a great paddling companion!

clairesgarden said...

think thats a great name for the boat! looks a good day!!