Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank Heavens!

Well, a quick peek at the Times on my lunch break reveals that the calamitous event NYC residents have been fearing was averted at the 11th hour.

Thank heavens we won't be forced to take the drastic contigency measures laid out in yesterday's issue!


Unknown said...

Hi Bonnie,

Great blog. I would like to talk to you regarding sponsoring your site.

Please shoot me a quick email when you get a chance.


moonstruck said...

I spent most of yesterday practicing the "door thing" Moonstruck went into the hudson yesterday. Out sailing yesterday and today. Wind ZERO both days. Music was good and sandwiches were also! I remember a sonng that goes ....There will be wind ....tomorrow!!....

Dennis G

bonnie said...

Hi Andy -

Thanks! I'm very flattered but this blog is strictly for fun, I'm not in the the market for sponsors.

Dennis G. Moonstruck - HOORAY! Sorry about no wind, but music & sandwiches on a boat sound good anyways. Wind tomorrow, yes!

Pat said...

The winds are always perfect
on average.