Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend's Fun - Long Paddle & Cherry Blossoms!


Not bad.


it needs...

needs what? Something!

OH! Hey! I know!

wait for it

wait for it

There. MUCH better, huh?

I had two weekend fun goals for this beautiful breezy weekend - cherry blossoms and a good long paddle. Good long paddle was today, I launched midafternoon & paddled as far as I felt like paddling, which turned out to be Manhattan Beach. Trip planning? Vos is dass?

This took me right past Plum Beach, where the windsurfers were tearin' it up in a nice frisky breeze. I couldn't supress a whoop as this guy shot past me heading the other way - he zipped by a little closer to throw me a proper Island greeting - eh, shaka right back atcha, brah!

Funny how stodgy a person feels in a sea kayak in a nice breeze with these guys zipping past - but I was after fresh air & exercise & the wind (slog-making, to the sailless) & mileage (somewhere around 14) gave me just that, so it was all good!

And so were the cherry blossoms. Good people of Brooklyn, ADORE the cherry blossoms!

Very Good! And yes, there will be a gallery. And probably another BBG spectrum (although the first one was so nice that I probably shouldn't repeat, but it's a fun game to play). Just not tonight.

Other weekend accomplishments: Taxes done, check. Laundry done, check. Ticket to Hawaii purchased, CHECK AND YIPPEE YIPPEE YIPPEE!

OK, I gotta go un-salt myself & go to sleeeeeeep.


Baydog said...

Bonnie: Sie sprechen nicht Deutsch, I think. However, Du machst the most out von der veekend!

bonnie said...

Ja, I sure didsk thatsk!

ooh, guess what, I don't speak Swedish either. Not beyond "Forst you tek de chickie chickie...coom ere chickie chickie..."

Anonymous said...

I have an old Bic widsurfer in my back yard.. Free to a good home.

Dennis G

moonstruck said...

HI I have a Bic windsurfer in my back yard. Free to a good home

Dennis g

bonnie said...

Oh, good, there you are, Dennis G. Moonstruck! Glad to see whatever posting issue Blogger had with you has gone away.

I have just put out the word via comments on Peconic Puffin and Hudson River Windsurfer.

Anyone stopping by about that, please leave a comment, it'll ask for your email & I can use that to put you in touch with Dennis.

bonnie said...

Oops. Or it may not ask for your email, but if you leave that here I'll take it down as soon as I get it. I'd recommend the written-out version ("so-and-so "at"") unless you are fond of Chinese spam.

PeconicPuffin said...

Stodgy, is it? That's what's got you interested in bees, I guess...the ol' kayak thing isn't getting honey on the toast. The stand up paddling thing is fun, though you can't carry anything and fall a lot (at least I do.)

Re the old windsurfing boards...if they're more than 20 years old the are dumpster bound. Our local windsurfing shop doesn't allow them at swap meets (even for free) because he doesn't want to get stuck carting them to da dump. Except on Lone Ranger Day...

That being said if any of y'all have an old Mistral board (the ones with the blue spring-loaded fins) you can usually find a taker.

bonnie said...

Oh, I still like my kayaking, you just do feel like an old fart when you're plugging along at two and a half knots into a headwind & watching people cover the same ground it took you the last 20 minutes to gain, and they're doing it 5 times over in 5 minutes flat!

PeconicPuffin said...

Yeah, the way it can be humbling to spend ten years learning to jump a windsurfer ten feet up in the air, and then watch a first year kiter grab twenty feet of air.

My comment was poorly worded...I know you are (of course) still loving your trusty kayak!