Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who's On A Boat?

Got your flippy-floppies? Awesome! You and a friend can be the ones on a boat, if you're a quick enough clicker on Friday, April 16th (info's up now but reservations don't start until then), and if you can make it to Pier 11 in Atlantic Basin on one of the following mornings: Friday, April 30th; Saturday, May 1st; Friday, May 7th; or Saturday, May 8th! Get your free boat ride HERE! Full details at that link. Thanks, PortSideNY & friends!

If you can't make this one, keep an eye on that PortSideNY site for many other fun events. And btw, if you've got the time & feel like helping out, they're always looking for volunteers!

BTW, this wasn't included in the release but I have a special request of my own: I bet these are going to go like hotcakes with real maple syrup. If you get tickets and then can't make it, please take the time to turn 'em back in, I bet you'll make somebody on the waiting list very happy!

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