Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day at Plumb Beach 2009 091
Yo! Kumbaya, youse guys!

Just wanted to send a quick greeting & post a couple of Earth Day things to do here on my lunch break!

The picture above is one of my pictures (with link to more) from last year's American Littoral Society cleanup. Last year's was at Plumb or Plum Beach (like monk parrots/parakeets, I've seen both spellings); this year it's going to be at a beach which I don't think has an official name, but which I've heard called "Pooja Beach" in reference to the Hindu rituals that are commonly performed there (quite a fascinating thing to see on the shores of Jamaica Bay, but unfortunately although a lot of the offerings are biodegradable -- fruit, flowers, coconuts & such -- I suspect we will be cleaning up a lot of the bright synthetic cloth & styrofoam plates that are also used). Full details on the day available on the ALS Northeast site (click on the Earth Day link & if you need more detailed instructions than are shown there, open the pdf flyer).

And for those who find themselves near or in Grand Central Terminal anytime in the next couple of days, don't miss the fair in Vanderbilt Hall! A lot of representatives from the local paddling groups are likely to be hanging out at the Going Coastal table - stop by to say hello, talk story, and grab your copy of the 2010 NYC Watertrail Guide! There's actually a big improvement this year - the map now features launches over in New Jersey, which had to be left out in previous years simply because the funding was from New York City coffers. That did cause some ruffled feathers, and it was just plain unfortunate that the guide had to ignore the entire western shore of the Hudson River/North River. Much better now!

I know there's at least one other event this weekend (not counting the Gilgo Beach planting I posted about earlier this week, scroll down for details on that one) some type of happening in Red Hook, Brooklyn, but this is supposed to be a quick lunchtime post & the details are buried somewhere & I just haven't got time to ferret them out right now. If you happen to be reading this & have info on that or any other fun earth day stuffs, please feel free to leave 'em in the comments - otherwise, I'll add those on tonight when I get home.

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pia said...

When I was a kid there was a famous DJ Murray the K who would talk about "submarine race watching at Plumb Beach"

Took me to adulthood to realize he meant making out being so innocent and all :)