Monday, August 30, 2010

Coney Island Beach, Brooklyn, 8/29/10

Me & a few zillion other people enjoying a beautiful 2nd to last weekend of summer.

It was one of the nicest summer weekends we've had this year, I think. Warm & sunny but without the humidity. If I'd been feeling better I probably would've either gone sailing or out on my surfski but I was still feeling pretty fatigued from that stupid summer cold I've had. Going to the beach, basking in the sun & eventually swimming a couple of laps between the jetties was just the right level of activity.


Joe said...

Ah Bonnie, the last day of summer is September 21st. That means we have 3 more weekends of summer.

bonnie said...

Well, last weekend before Labor Day then!

tillerman said...

I have never understood the mindset that summer ends on the first Monday in September. Does God switch off the sun on that day? Can we expect ice storms on the Tuesday after the first Monday in September? Should I put my Laser away until the last Monday in May next year?

bonnie said...

I think it's because the holidays match the timing of when school's out for the summer. I don't know what the timing is in the UK, but for most of us who grew up in the US, the beginning of September = back to school time. You can tell a schoolkid that summer actually doesn't end until the 21st, but what matters to them is that the summer break is over.

You grow up, you get a job & the timetable changes completely - but that many years of training dies hard!

Joe said...

School on the Big Island starts at the beginning of August.

bonnie said...

HARSH! How come?

Joe said...

They go year-round. Something about it being mo betta for da keiki.

O Docker said...

Uh-oh, Labor Day - time to switch to the black sneakers.

bonnie said...

Joe, now that you've mentioned it, I think I was in a program like for a little while in California (part of 4th & 5th grade, then we went back to Hawaii). I guess the idea was that kids forget a lot over that long 3 months of nonlearning. I actually don't have any recollection of having an opinion about it.

In more standard situations, I do remember hating that the back-to-school ads started a month befor it was time to go back to school!

O Docker said...

My wife's district goes back at the beginning of August, too. Graduation is end of May.

It's really hot here by June 1st (central valley, not SF). One theory is they couldn't keep the kids focused on school at the end of the school year when it's so hot.

Theory two is parents were pulling too many kids out of school in June to go on family vacations. As most teachers will tell you, today it's the parents who really run school districts.

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