Saturday, August 14, 2010

Harbor Cruise Review in the New York Times

Thanks to Bowsprite's friend Ivy for sending along the link to this nice little review. I was particularly delighted to find that one of the featured cruises is on the motor vessel Manhattan, one of the boats I used to crew on back when I worked for Classic Harbor Lines - I loved my 5 summers working for them (primarily on the schooners Adirondack, which you see in the still before you start the video, with occasional work on the motor yacht - I liked working the schooner better 'cause there the crew actually sailed, but I do have to say that when the Scaranos set out to build a motor vessel to add to the fleet, they did a nice job on it) & I'm always happy to see them get media attention.


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ChrisP said...

Really nice music, but an odd choice. If you were in Grimsby you would never confuse it with NY, believe me.