Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and...hey, how about some Pac Cup awards ceremony pictures?

Oahu 2010 056
Me, David from Never Sea Land, and yes, that's really Miss Hawaii!

Fully intended to carry on with my botanical rhapsody tonight, but I should have known better than to promise "tomorrow" yesterday - that just plain cursed today, the work day totally got away from me, I had a few post-work errands to do for an event at work tomorrow & managed to do them in precisely the wrong order, and it's too late to start on tonight's planned post.

So instead, how about I finally put up a link to the pictures I took out at the Kaneohe Yacht Club when I went to meet David from Never Sea Land on Friday the 23rd (my first full day on the island, David's last) & ended up staying for the awards ceremony?

I was glad I did, ended up having a fantastic time. The Pac Cup is called "The Fun Race" - I can't vouch for the rest of the race but those sailors clearly know how to have a good time on dry land (as evidenced by the photos showing the best possible use of a giant crystal vase trophy or the fantastic air-guitar performance by the proud winner of the "Clean Sweep Award"!)

And thanks again to Captain Paul of the VALIS for the VALIS Pacific Cup aloha shirt! Best souvenir ever.

Can't think of anything that would've made for a better start to my visit.


Buck said...

Great photos; thanks for sharing with those of us who were there in spirit.

Anonymous said...

wow!!! such company you keep!