Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seven Deadly Seas - A Pirate Cabaret at PortSideNY!

Well, I'd really meant to do an Orient Point trip report tonight, so I could get back to Hawaii (at least here on the blog, sigh) - but instead I got sidetracked on something that will make an amusing addendum when I do get to that. Too late to start on the report now - tomorrow! Honest! But in the meantime - here's a completely unsolicited plug for another one of PortSideNY's Atlantic Basin events! I did make it to the Lavender Lake documentary, which was great fun & a fascinating glimpse into the life & times of the Gowanus Canal. Made me think once again that I have at some level failed in to fulfill a very basic duty of an NYC paddle blogger until I have paddled with the Gowanus Dredgers & reported on the adventure. Someday, Owen, someday, I swear!

At any rate, just as I was about to leave, I overheard the director of the organization, Carolina Salguero, say "Pirate Cabaret". I turned around & said "Did you say Pirate Cabaret?" and she grinned & handed me a postcard for one of their final events of the summer at Atlantic Basin. Sounds spectacular!

So without further ado, and in lieu of tonight's planned trip report - here are the lusciously juicy details!

Cabaret Red Light sails to Brooklyn for a once-in-a-lifetime theater-in-the-round-and-under-the-stars pirate show onboard the oldest wooden square rigger in the United States still sailing - Philadelphia's own hundred-year-old barkentine, Tall Ship Gazela!

In Waylaid & Hornswoggled, legendary pirate Calico Jack lets his mind wander to the finer things in life… the golden years of his retirement, the Big Payoff on his 401K, fruity rum drinks on sandy beaches! The show will feature seafaring legends old and new, live gypsy swing music, dancing girls and more. Performances will involve a variety of classic vaudeville-style "entertainment for grown-ups." Starring Cubby Altobelli, Shoshanna Hill, Kimberlie Cruse as the Pirates of Ponzi, as well as Annie A-Bomb, Melissa Bang-Bang, The Blazing Cherries and very special guest violinist Marina Vishnyakova.

There will be 2 performances daily, 8 pm & 10 pm, from Thursday, August 19th through Sunday, August 22nd. Tickets & additional details here.


David said...

I think that 'mermaid' might be a guy.

bonnie said...

I'll tell you after Sunday!