Monday, August 23, 2010

Recollections of a soberer kind

Left work early today - I've had a cold since Thursday, ignored it while TQ was here over the weekend (although I did cut down my Saturday Sebago trip from the potentially-ambitious Search for the Yellow Submarine of Coney Island Creek - ambitious due to relatively open water in the lower harbor plus zero non-trip-ending takeouts along most of the southern shore of Coney Island - to a more forgiving trip, a great lunch paddle to the Wharf Bar & Grill which ended up drawing a nice crew) and thought it was going away, but today it kicked up again & I came home with a low fever.

Alternated sleeping & finishing a book a co-worker had lent me, then this evening I got caught up with my friend Will's latest blog project, in which he is recounting the time he spent, twenty years ago, as an American hostage in Iraq.

Many of you enjoy Will's wide-ranging reflections on the comings and goings of the denizens of NYC's waterways, which he has so aptly dubbed "The Sixth Borough".

I think you will find my babylonian captivity to be equally fascinating.

Don't forget, to read the full narrative, begin with the oldest post & work forward.

ps - and on a much lighter note, I also got a big kick out of O-docker's own floral reflections on one of the blooms I featured in one of my recent posts about plants I loved as a kid in Hawaii, The Big O. Thanks, O-Docker!


will said...

thanks fer the plug, bonnie. let's catch up soon.

O Docker said...

Thanks, too, for the shout.

Stay warm and take plenty of liquids. With the right kind of liquids, you won't care if you're sick.