Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fish and flipflops on Friday

Just a few pictures from snorkeling at Shark's Cove (sadly curtailed because I locked the keys in the trunk, yet another of a hundred reasons I'll have to do this again one of these years!) and Hanauma Bay (sadly a bit on the murky side that day, ditto!). Plus flipflops! ahhh! Funny, I've never been tempted to get them in NY, but in Hawaii, I was back in these (or barefoot) by Day 2. NY streets are just grittier, I guess.
Parrotfish (uhu) with Christmas wrasse - two of my favorites

Convictfish (manini)

Orangespine Surgeonfish

Achille's tang



Buck said...

We call them flip-flops here too, but learnt that some in Hawai'i call them slippers.

That Achilles Tang is gorgeous!

pia said...

So beautiful--the flip flops; the fish are OK also :) More than OK, magnificent
Hope you're feeling better

bonnie said...

Slippers, pronounced: SLEE-pahs! Also go-aheads or zori.

Thanks, Pia. Definitely on the upswing now although still a bit tired. All the fun stuff at the club this weekend is on Saturday, when I'm already planning on hanging out with a friend who really needs her friends around her right now (just lost her mom), and I have been resisting my impulse to try to drum up some boat fun on Sunday - think it would be smarter for me to just keep the whole weekend low-key, for once.

Anonymous said...

parrotfish!!! reminds me of the red sea. flipflops!!! reminds me of NOW.

bonnie said...


Where are you?

Are there umbrella drinks involved?

bonnie said...

is rum good for colds?

Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

Oh da nice slippahs! Funny, I remember when I absolutely HAD to have some zoris. I wanted the ones with the pink velvet toe-betweens. And my dad ALWAYS called them go-aheads. Such great memories.

Beautiful pics of the i'a, Bonnie. I'll be getting my fish fix at Shark's or Three Tables next week. I don't plan on hitting Hanauma. WAY too touristy for me now. I remember when that was where we had camp for Summer Fun. It wasn't a very "public" back then and we actually had our tents pitched right on the beach for a whole month. I remember all of us belly-aching because there was no shuttle down the hill. EVERYONE hiked in and hiked out. Oh, and remember the Queen's lua around the bend from the keyhole? Flush in and flush out! LOL! Ahhh, those were the days!

Carol Anne said...

Oh, yes, rum can be good for colds; some other spirits can be good, too.

The classic Southern remedy my Arkansas relatives used involved bourbon. You put one ounce each (more or less) of bourbon and lemon juice plus a tablespoon (or so) of honey into a mug, add boiling water, and stir until the honey is dissolved.

My dad's family followed the same recipe, but with rum instead of bourbon. My kid brother's Czech mother-in-law strongly believes in slivovice (a Czech version of vodka that is infused with plums) as a curative measure for a cold; when I used that in the hot lemonade recipe, it was the most effective version I've tried so far.

Pandabonium said...

Bonnie - nice fish pics! all look so familiar. I have been surprised to find that flip-flops with Hawaiian designs are available all over Japan as well as "hono" design bags, stickers, etc.

I had a Hawaiian friend on Maui who moved to Austin Texas for a few years. He went to a department store and asked where he could find "SLEE-pahs" and was directed to the 3rd floor. When he got off the elevator, he was faced with beds and convertible couches!

Baydog said...

Bonnie: Nice feet. I'm a foot person, although mine are ugly. I'm this far away enough from you? More?

Carol Anne said...

When we lived in Houston, Pat and I had a neighbor who was originally from Brooklyn ... SHE called flip-flops slippers, too. And that even included the nice Sunjuns that I considered shoes -- she thought it was totally inappropriate to wear such things to such formal places as the shopping mall.

my2fish said...

I think I might need to upgrade in the quality area for flip-flops. my 1st recent pair was $1, the second pair was $5 - but the same result happened with both. the flip flops got wet down at the water, my foot slipped sideways, and my big feet yanked the part between my toes right out of the bottom of the flip-flops. I can sort of fix it, but the same thing just happens again, easier than the 1st time. oh well.

moonstruck said...

Back from ten days of camping. Five days at the Dutchass County Fair baby sitting 18 cows. We were just "flip floping along"

bonnie said...

Ha! I hoped the flip flops would bring you back to the comments!

Sounds like you & DW are having a really fantastic summer. 3 weekends left, I'm told!

And hey, I hope you'll pass along the Fall dinghy series info to the Chelsea Yacht Club. Jim & Holly may've already sent it, but better to accidentally send an extra invitation than none at all!