Monday, August 09, 2010

Sun? Check! Fun? Um...

Well, maybe not so much at the moment this picture was taken - or at least I bet there were a few people who wouldn't have used the word "fun" as their first desciption of the last couple of miles of Saturday's big Orient Point paddle!

Most of the day we'd been blessed with insanely perfect conditions (even the notorious Race was barely a-bubble as we passed through), but the Weather Deity decided our characters & skills needed at least a little bit of building at the end & threw in a good quartering wind of the sort that makes a kayak act like wayward, cranky, iron-mouthed old trail-ride horse whose mind is entirely focused on the grass on the side of the trail. Takes focus & a lot of energy to keep that nose pointed in the right direction!

Characters were duly built. But I guarantee skills were too, and aside from that tough last stretch and a couple of other odd moments, like the one where we were being yelled at by surly parking lot attendents in Greenport (silly us for trying to go have a drink there on Saturday night, I guess) it was another great weekend pulled off by the Cruising Committee!

And look look how beautiful.

More pictures tonight. If you really want, they are up on Picasa now & I think that clicking on the photo above will take you to an uncaptioned gallery - I hope to add captions tonight, though, and although a picture may be worth a thousand words, sixty are a lot to plough through without at least a little storytelling to go along! Still, couldn't resist this quick lunch-break post.

I'm far from done with my reveries of O'ahu (O-docker, I believe you may've come close to nailing a big part of why I love boating so much in your comment the other day...), many more pictures & memories to go before I've worked through that topic (next up, I expect, will be the Pac Cup awards ceremony, which was fantastic) but since this was a big trip for the Sebago Cruising Committee, I'm going to take a break from the big nostalgia trip & do up a proper trip report first!

This trip report "teaser" cross posted at the Sebago Canoe Club blog.

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