Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sweet and Spicy Sunday

Well, actually it was a pretty dull and dutiful Sunday, I spent the entire afternoon at work putting together an audit binder, a time-consuming paper-shuffling project that's a lot easier to do when nobody's in the office to distract you. Mostly done, there's still some last details, but it was a good use of a dreary day. And I did come up with something fun for tonight. 

TQ was on a late shift today so since our schedules both involved fairly late returns home, we're having dinner tonight, and I've decided that for dessert, we're having a chili chocolate tasting - we both like chili chocolate and I thought this would be fun. I found the two Taza chili varieties, chipotle and guajillo, at a deli near the office when I went in to get an iced tea; I found the Lindt on the way home and decided that I should give the Swiss a chance too. We'll see which ones we like the best!

Update: Oops. Tasting postponed due to car trouble. I'm breaking into the Lindt because that's replaceable - the Taza chocolate is a little harder to count on, it sort of comes and goes at the places I get chocolate and I've never seen the Guajillo Chili variety (the Chipotle is delicious, though).

And talking about chocolate experiments reminds me of this sort of funny one. I bought this in the airport in Detroit and at first I thought it was Gretzky Crunch. Detroit people do love their hockey, why wouldn't a Detroit candymaker name a chocolate bar after a hockey star? 

Um...because Gretzky never played for Detroit. OK, certainly not "rotflol" funny, but I was amused by my mistake. It was a very good chocolate bar, though - it was the misread hockey name that caught my eye but it was the graham pretzels (hence "gretzel") that made me buy it. 


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I had a hard time not breaking into the guajillo - that's the only one we haven't tried and I really want to save that one until I can share it with TQ. Hopefully that can happen this week!