Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A few more Prospect Park birds - plus - ospreys are back!

Skipping drawing tonight in exchange for sorting through a few more birds. I was mostly looking for ducks, but was completely willing to take pictures of anybody else who wanted to pose for me. Even the odd human (emphasis on odd).
 Don't know why, this just made me laugh. 

Mostly I was looking for birds, though. Here's a robin - no first robin of Spring, the park was absolutely thronged with 'em (and besides, I've seen robins in the park in January, I don't think they really leave for the winter), but still a fine handsome fellow. 
 Woodpecker, downy I think.

 Mourning dove

 Ruffled feathers. 

 Fluffed out feathers - sparrow keeping warm on a slightly raw day

 Red winged blackbird in the phragmites on shore

Another redwing song-signalling his territory from deep in a bush. 

Another downy

 Downy departs (and then so did I). 

Addendum: And speaking of migrating birds, the ospreys are starting to get back! I haven't seen or heard one myself yet but there are two radio-tagged ospreys who call Jamaica Bay home in the warmer months. You can follow their incredible migrations from South American at Osprey's Journey. I hadn't thought to check in for a while, just thought of it and went over to find that Coley 1 has made it to J-bay, where his mate's been waiting for him since her arrival in mid March, and Coley 2, although stalled out by some of the dreadful weather we've been having here on the east coast, is on the way. I'm looking forward to seeing our Canarsie Pol birds before too long!

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