Sunday, April 06, 2014

Osprey Hunt Success!

A dozen pictures from today's very successful osprey hunt await you at the end of this short writeup!

I got to the club around 2 and after a few hellos to friends who were there, I got my stuff together and got ready to head out for a nice afternoon of seeing the ospreys in person. Pete P. happened to turn up at the same time so we paddled together, I wasn't up for organizing anything today but it's always nice to have company.

We did a big loop around the islands of the western section of the bay, ten miles or so, moving along at a good pace without much in the way of breaks. Dinner tasted really good and I don't think I'll have any trouble sleeping tonight!

It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day out there, a few other kayakers were out, plus a couple of fishing boats and there were tons of people on the trail around West Pond - including a couple who'd brought their kitty, 'cause what would a kitty like more than a trip to a bird sanctuary?

The photos below were all taken with my Optio. I had the Panasonic with the zoom lens with me and when one of the Canarsie Pol pair landed on the nest just as we passed by, I told Pete that I was going to land and get out the good camera to see if I could get a better shot - but just as we headed for shore the osprey flew off the nest and over to the shore, where it landed and started just walking around on the beach like a seagull. At that point I figured that if we landed it would scare the bird, who looked very relaxed picking at something on the waterline, so we paddled on. Tons of ospreys - there was one flying overhead before I even left the dock!

BTW, the osprey photos remind me of a rather funny Tugster post when Will was complaining about how hard it is to take a picture of a boat without some pushy famous landmark photobombing your efforts. It was a lovely clear day. Pete and the NYC skyline was intentional. The final picture with the flock of brants and the NYC skyline was intentional. I didn't realize I was getting WTC1 and the Empire State Building in my osprey shots until I got home!

No more writing after this, you can click on the first picture and view them in the slide show version without missing anything.


Anonymous said...

saw your photo on

bonnie said...

Thanks for the heads-up! They did credit me and link, that's all I usually ask for.

clairesgarden said...

I don't think I would take my cat... firstly I would be frightened it would run off and not be found again.

bonnie said...

Oh, the cat we had when I was a kid would've left you bleeding and been so very, very gone. I was amazed at the placidity of this guy.