Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring's a-springin' at Sebago!

I went out to the club today for something a little different - one of our relatively new sailing committee members gave a talk about teaching sailing, and although I'm not sure I'm a good enough sailor to teach, I thought I would go listen in at least. I'm glad I went, it was interesting thinking about sailing from that point of view, and it was also a good review of some of the basic principals of teaching, which wasn't a bad thing since it's been a while since my instructor certification and a person does get rusty.

All sorts of springiness going on at the club today - Jim L. was prepping Seagull, the safety boat, for launch, John D. stepped his mast, gardeners were gardening and the cherry tree is blooming by the basin.

The class let out in plenty of time to allow for another outdoor activity. I wasn't together enough to bring my gear, but it ended up being a pretty breezy afternoon, so joining the happy hordes in Prospect Park for a couple of hours afterwards turned out to be the perfect thing to do.
Hooray for Spring!

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