Saturday, April 05, 2014

Coney Island Boardwalk

A bit breezy for kayaking today but fine weather for a walk on the boardwalk. Funny how long it's been since I was there - Coney Island is a favorite destination of mine for winter walking (and picture-taking) but guess what, it was just too cold for that this winter! Nice to be back, lots of people out enjoying themselves and the amusement park workers were hard at work getting the rides and games ready for opening day (April 13th this year).

This is just a set of pictures - click on the first one for a slideshow view. 


clairesgarden said...

nice pictures, what an interesting place. how cold is too cold to walk? its rain and snow puts me off going out... unfortunately a lot of both here... all

bonnie said...

I'm OK to down around freezing, but much below that I start finding it uncomfortable. We had quite a bit of much below that this year (and also a LOT of snow). I'm blaming it on growing up in Hawaii!

Anonymous said...

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