Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter (This Easter I went swimming!)

Hope it's been a happy one!

TQ was working so we missed our usual Easter visit to his parents, so I did something different -
I'd gotten a whim
for an Easter swim
Took a subway trip 
to a chilly chilly dip

Click here for pix!
It was actually really interesting actually going for a swimsuit swim in 45 degree water after all of the talking about cold-water safety I've done. You know that one-ten-one rule - one minute to get your breathing under control, ten minutes of meaningful activity, then an hour that you can probably still be saved if found? Well, I actually had a great time jumping around in the water for about 10 minutes. I was starting to fumble with my camera partway into it, though, and then almost immediately after the 10-minute circle-up, I began to feel ever so slightly light-headed, which my experienced cold-water swimmer friend Capri said meant "Time to get out of the water NOW" (same as winter rolling, actually - you really need to stop when you start feeling spinny).

I had a great time though. Fun to experiment with this stuff I talk about so much in nice controlled circumstances, and it was actually great to be back in the water, even if it wasn't summer-friendly. Boats are great but swimming really
 was my first love.

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