Monday, April 14, 2014

More Spring a-Springin' - Prospect Park flowers (plus a hyacinth and a magnolia near home)

I got home from Sunday's sailing instruction class by 3:30 or so, only to realize that I couldn't stay home, it was just too nice, so I decided to go out for another walk in Prospect Park.

The winter ducks were mostly gone, and I think they took winter with them when they left. When I went for my duck walk two weeks ago, everything was still gray and brown. Didn't help that it was a raw and drizzly day, but all the vegetation was still pretty much in winter hibernation - although there were buds getting ready to go if you looked closely.

What a difference two weeks made. My walk started as just a walk, but then it became a flower walk, taking pictures of almost every different kind of flower I noticed. Looks like we have another wintery spell coming up, but this was encouraging to see. Here they are (plus a couple in my neighborhood - first two), and I must say that it's nice to be posting my own after a winter where I would absolutely have a moment in heaven every time a Facebook friend in California or Hawaiii posted COLORS!

No more writing, click on the hyacinth (no longer incipient) for a better view. 


Ian Berger said...

I love pictures of flowers. Yeah, that's not really a guy thing, but they're just so pretty! The color!

bonnie said...

Ian, I'm glad you liked 'em! It was such a long grim winter, I found myself just staring happily every time one of my warmer-climate friends posted flowers over the winter - I was so happy to finally be putting up some of my own again.