Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's My Park: New York City Water Trail - plus April snow???!!!

Quick lunch break post, just thought I'd share this neat little video about the NYC Water Trail that Queens Commisioner of Parks (and Sebago clubmate) Dorothy Lewandoski recently put up on Sebago's Facebook group. Tons of friends are in here (and me too, rolling at 2:15 and also in the ribboncutting group a bit before - boy was that a fun day)! 

PS...Come on, Spring. I've been singing your praises at the top of my lungs  and you wanna go and do this? 


clairesgarden said...

the weather here is a bit iffy too. hope we are done with the snow but its not unknown for it to snow well into may... I have hyacinths out in a pot, very jolly.

bonnie said...

I walked past a bed-ful of very sad squished daffodils yesterday. And I'm feeling bad for my friend who was optimistically planting basil seedlings out at the club last weekend. Ah well, there's more where those came from if they didn't make it.