Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And Another Event - Reid Stowe Returns Tomorrow

Wow, this one snuck up on me - I can't make it because it's on a work day & I've got painfully few unallocated vacation days left to play with this year, but yes, Reid Stowe returns to NYC tomorrow, 6/17, just shy of three years and two months after he & Soanya sailed south past the Statue of Liberty, bound for the Narrows and beyond. Way, way, way beyond.

Can't imagine what it would be like to set foot on land for the first time after that long...

Soanya came home to have a baby but they agreed that he should keep going - I thought that was pretty incredible of her, but he'd been working on getting this project off the ground (so to speak) forever & it was important to her too, so she got picked up off Australia & he sailed on. So, congratulations to both of them, as well as to all of their friends & family members who worked so hard to help them accomplish this!

I'm blogging this on Flickr, so I think it will have a link to my photo gallery from their departure (this picture is from that day, and a glorious day it was). Let's see...

yep! click on the photo caption & that'll take you over to Flickr.

For more details on Reid's return, visit

Oh, and p.s. - there's already live blogging going on of Reid's return! A little websurfing tonight & I discovered that Captain Mike at Biankablog sailed in today & is anchored near Reid just off Sandy Hook. He's already posted a couple of photos of a very battered-looking Anne, plans to join in the flotilla tomorrow, and hopes to do some posts over the course of the event.


moonstruck said...

I accidently found your blog thru one of your posts about reid leaving, so three years and two months of reading your blog. SEE THAT !!!Something good came out of Reid's adventure.

Dennis G

Adventure Otaku said...

I forgot about reid. I was watching his blog consistently and some how lost track of him. Glad to here he made his trip.

I didn't realize Soanya left to have a baby! How did I miss that! I knew she left, but I thought it was because she was always seasick. Being pregnant would probably make that worse!


Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to be in the flotilla.

Oh well. I was going to take Puffin, but I couldn't take the day off, either. So I'm going to head over to the river at lunchtime and hope to see the flotilla pass by.

bonnie said...

I had an invitation, but as I mentioned, I haven't got a whole lot of un-allocated vacation days left & there are other things (like maintating a relationship with a very good guy who's just going to be stuck in the Pittsburgh vicinity a bit longer, argh) that are more important uses to me of what's left. Plus we've been given a few free summer half-days & taking a vacation day would've been at the cost of going sailing or paddling tomorrow.

In the end, it might have all a moot point as a co-worker for whom I cover was out quite sick yesterday & even if I had planned to go today, I probably would've had to give it up in case she couldn't make it in today, too.

But I have been following a bit on the internet & wishing I could have been there. Looks pretty exciting.

bonnie said...

ps - love to see pictures if you manage to catch the flotilla!

David said...

tugster has some great shots, check 'em out.