Sunday, June 06, 2010

Independent Mermaid Festival Bonus Clip - Selkie Sunday!

And just because I've got 10 minutes before it's time to get going on today's fun - here's the conceptual trailer from Cartoon Saloon's next feature film, Song of the Sea.

Can't wait!


moonstruck said...

I actually have four of the original Weavers LP albums. Play them on my Victrola!! Two Kayack Girls found safe harbor at Chelsea Yacht Club. They are on their way to NYC from Albany. Wind got up above 35 this AM.

Dennis G

Carol Anne said...

Then there was the time I made an "unplanned" visit home during Gerald's after-school hours, to make sure he was staying out of trouble. He had the stereo cranked way up, as I expected. What I didn't expect: He was listening to the Weavers.

My parents have all the Weavers' LPs. Gerald has them all on MP3. I have some of the LPs, and all of the MP3s.

bonnie said...

I figured we had some weather here - flew back from Burlington last night & the plane took off a couple hours late because of tornado warnings!