Friday, June 25, 2010

Events - Saturday 6/26 (Red Hook Brooklyn) & Monday 6/28 (Staten Island)

Brian or Karen at A Movable Bridge was kind enough to correct the error I made when I said that last night's "Blue Network" meeting was the last in this go-round of waterfront planning meetings. The people of Staten Island haven't had their turn yet, that happens on Monday. Full details here, and I apologize for the error & I'm glad to have gotten the correction.

AND - just thought I'd repeat this one more time because it really does sound great, and I was being a bit silly in my treatment of it yesterday, in a way that might make a person miss what I was trying to say. So I'll say it again, proper event-announcement style: Tomorrow, Saturday 6/26, the Waterfront Museum is hosting a Waterfront Books & Authors Festival. Full details here. I see 2 favorite books of mine & a lot more that are very intriguing. I think I'd better take a bookbag.

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