Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Independent Mermaids Festival!

If I had lots of free time (and maybe a little more money) (oh, yeah, and knew anything at all about movies), I have an idea for a tiny independent film festival. It would be a little sideshow-y movie short festival run during the Coney Island Mermaid Festival. It would just be short films about mermaids, showing all day! Maybe it would be in an nice cool air-conditioned room, or maybe in a tent, and people could just come in, rest their poor tired feet (or fins!), watch a few short films about mermaids & then head back outside again, and it would be called the Independent Mermaids Film Festival.

I actually thought of the name over the winter (think it was this post, where I was talking about a forthcoming animated version of an Irish selkie legend. Once I had the name, then I started picturing what the event would be.

Of course it's not ever going to happen for real -- in reality I'm just excited about the possibility I might actually get to go SEE the Mermaid Parade this year, it's sort of been on my list of Things I Want To Do Before I Leave NYC & I might get to this year.

But another thing that's not happening this week is blogging. There is one yummy writing challenge that I might have to do, but beyond that, we're closing the books on Fiscal 2010 this week, my sister is here & my folks get in on Thursday, so I'm gonna be a busy lady!

So in the meantime, and in honor of the first "official" week of beach & boat season, I borrow a page from Never Sea Land and give you the Mini-Froggy-Bloggy version!

We start with Ms. Betty Boop. Don't blink at the wrong time, you'll miss the Merman!

November 2010 update - went back to tag all the Animation posts after trying a bit myself and found that both Betty Boop links were broken. Went to find them elsewhere on YouTube & discovered that the mermaid was just part of much longer one including Merman singing!


moonstruck said...

LOVE IT!!!! BETTY IS MY HERO!!! For many years I only voted Democratic because the Republican Legion of Decency killed poor Betty.

Dennis g

bonnie said...

Were they the ones who put her in a long dress & turned her schoolmarm? Bastards!