Thursday, June 24, 2010

VISION 2020 - LAST WORKSHOP TONIGHT 6/24 - PLUS Waterfront Book Festival Saturday 6/26 in Red Hook.

Click here for ALL DETAILS.

This is the last in the series of development workshops for the NYC Comprehensive Waterfront Plan. I managed to miss the Brooklyn one. I was hoping to go check on my garden tonight, it's hot hot hot and I should have gone & watered this morning but I didn't get up early enough, but I think I may cross my fingers, hope that my wonderful gardening clubmates are once again going to save my garden from my horrible neglect, and go to the Blue Network meeting.

Can't believe they haven't heard that the proper name is "The 6th Boro".

Thanks Nancy at the NYC Watertrail Association for spreading the word.

PLUS...oh Scheiße! Scheiße! Scheiße! Here I had my weekend all kinda planned out nice. A day at the club, gardening and a nice long paddle, and a day at home, housework and errands so it's all nice for when my guy visits next weekend, la la la, relaxed...but then that dreadful, horrid, beastly David Sharps at the Waterfront Museum went and sent THIS around. Drat him all to heck anyways.

Sounds absolutely fantastic. I see 2 total favorites on there & a bunch more that sound incredibly interesting. I think I need to go!

Theoretically I could, tides & weather permitting, paddle there, leaving Sunday free. note, slightly later...oh man. no fair. Tides are almost PERFECT... And if this were on the other end of the summer, I probably would. Problem is, that would be a mighty long jaunt for somebody whose longest paddle of the year so far has been to Manhattan Beach & back. Sort of like running a marathon when you haven't done anything longer than a 5K in months & months. Good way to foul yourself up for the rest of the season.

Ah well, one very nice thing about living quarters of less than a thousand square feet is they really don't take all day to clean!


Anonymous said...

There's actually one more workshop on Staten Island on Monday.

And drat you to heck for mentioning the Waterfront Museum's activities this weekend. I had my day all planned, and now this...

bonnie said...

Oh, right, thanks for mentioning that. I'll reiterate that in a post too.

I'm definitely going to that thing tomorrow. Also thinking I could satisfy my curiousity about the Red Hook Lobster Pound and take care of my craving for Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie.

Or maybe a return to home/made and Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie.

Or maybe Hope & Anchor & Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie.

Choices choices. Anybody want to join me?