Monday, June 21, 2010

Ol' P Wants Mermaids - PLUS All-Club Invitational Invitation

So here, by "Ol' P"-opular demand, are some mermaids! Plus an awesome car. I am not a big car fan but I do appreciate awesomeness in all forms. And a robot monster fish. And no, that is not a taxidermic parrot on that hat.

More tonight from me, more yesterday from Tugster!

So I've got to ask, did you folks at the Malden Yacht Club get your invitation to Sebago's All-Club Invitational!

If not, consider yourself invited! And for that matter, that goes for pretty much anybody in the area who paddles, rows, or sails a hand-launchable craft who wants to throw their boat on their roof rack & come to Canarsie (afraid this is strictly B.Y.O.Boat - Sebago's club fleet will be reserved for club members). That's coming up on July 17, 2010. And no, you don't have to be a member of a club to come to the All-Club Invitational! Just check out the full details here!

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Ol' Philosophizer said...

Wow, thanks for the pics - I think I'm in love!

Also thanks for the invitation. The Malden Yacht Club has never received an invitation to attend anything - we're usually invited to leave! It sounds like a good time and I'll see if I can organize some of the disorganized to come.