Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Holy Cow! Old Fashioned Air Race in NY Harbor (note - includes LINK to CG restrictions)

Or rather, holy Bull, I guess. As in Red Bull, the energy drink, which is sponsoring an old-school little-planes-go-zoom-zoom-zoom-around-the-pylons air race in - well, over, really, at least if all goes well - New York Harbor.

This is normally WAY more commercial an event than I'd ever plug here, but this just sounds wild. I didn't know that kind of air race still existed. Has it always, or did Red Bull resurrect it as a marketing gimmick? Dunno, but...shoot, that's just wild.

Plus, it's totally worth mentioning here because it will, of course, entail some restrictions in the Liberty State Park/Ellis Island vicinity. Nancy from the NYC Watertrail Association has been kind enough to post over on the NYCWA blog. If you are planning on boating in the upper harbor this weekend, you might want to review those - just scroll on down past events & links for full details & a helpful chart.

Thanks, Nancy!

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