Thursday, June 03, 2010

Independent Mermaids Film Festival, Day 3: Luscious Russian Folktale

The Mermaid, paint-on-glass animation by Russian master animator Aleksandr Petrov. I think this has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of animation I've ever seen.

Did you like that?

Have you got a bit more time to spare?

You might like Petrov's rendition of The Old Man and the Sea even more. Link takes you to part 1, part 2 is 3rd down the related-videos thumbnail list.

Special thanks to Never Sea Land, where I first saw today's installment of this week's Independent Mermaids Film Festival - the mini-froggy-bloggy version.


Buck said...


David said...

I have the whole film somewhere if you want it...

Can't get too many mermaids!

And thanks for all the props!

David said...

Oops, I meant this one, a live-action movie-film.

Rusalochka (1976) aka The Little Mermaid

Director: Vladimir Bychkov
Writers: Hans Christian Andersen (story); Vladimir Vitkovich (writer)

A lovely, haunting film reminiscent of the Czech film, THREE NUTS FOR CINDERELLA, RUSALOCHKA is a relatively faithful adaptation of Andersen's tale, "The Little Mermaid." In this film, the mermaid does not have to give up her voice to the sea hag, but she does exchange her blue hair for legs. There are other slight variations from the source story, but, for the most part, this is a very satisfying, touching retelling of the classic story for those of us who like our fairytales told properly without Calypso singing lobsters and valley-girl patter.

Runtime: 78
Language: Russian (English .srt Subtitles included)
Country: Soviet Union | Bulgaria
Color: Colour

bonnie said...

Sounds wonderful!

And you're welcome, and thank you for introducing me to both this animator & this style of animation. Never saw anything like it!

Carol Anne said...

It looks like what Winslow Homer's paintings would look like if they could move. Beautiful!

doryman said...

I may post the Old Man and the Sea, if you don't mind me passing on these amazing animations...

bonnie said...

Please do!