Saturday, June 26, 2010

Menu Du Jour, A La Red Hook, or, The Day's Haul



The main course.

I can't afford to attend many more six-dollar festivals like this one! :D

But what an absolutely marvelous day it was.


Baydog said...

Lobster Roll, Key Lime Pie? or Cheesecake? I like books, but I'm already full.

bonnie said...

Key Lime Pie. I'll eat cheesecake if you put it in front of me when I'm hungry. Especially if it's either Junior's, or italian-style. But key lime pie is something of a dessert obsession with me. It's good that Steve's is a bit outside of my normal wanderings.

O Docker said...

Third title down in your stack may hold the answer to JP's puzzle.

Carol Anne said...

Pat and I have this problem that books always seem to follow us home ... we keep running out of shelf space.

moonstruck said...

yes use the pictures. And by the way, your mail box is full

Dennis G

bonnie said...

Thanks Dennis! Got a whole bunch of pictures at the same time. Cleared out mostly!