Friday, March 31, 2006


Auuuuugh! A POX UPON YOU, Landmark Learning!!! DRAT YOU ALL TO HECK!

I was almost done with Part II of "Of Paddles and Planes" (which is now looking like a 3-parter - Part II being a comparison of the three types of paddles). I was almost done. I mean seriously, 10 minutes & I would've been posting. I looked for a little info about whitewater people who do hand-paddling - I found some link on their website - it turned out to be a #&@*in' PDF and somehow the Adobe #@*&in' upgrade thing kicked in, froze me & in the process of trying to escape I LOST THE ENTIRE @#*%in' POST!!!!


and btw if anyone from Landmark Learning happens to visit, your programs look really cool but if you're not related to another certain creepy group that also goes by Landmark, may I recommend saying so very clearly on your home page? Seriously, if I were looking for somewhere to go do some leave-no-trace camping or wilderness medical training or anything like that - I would actually need some serious reassurance that this wasn't going to turn into some outdoor Large Group Awareness Training weirdness before signing up.

rats rats rats. I'm SO upset. I was having a lot of fun with this one the first time around. Replicating it isn't going to be nearly as entertaining.

While I go cry over my lost post (and aren't the ones you lose always the ones you think people were going to like the most?) for a little while, here's something fun - Canadian CKayaker, who I had the pleasure of meeting at dinner on my last night in Florida, left BCU/Greenland week with so much inspiration that he's completely remaking the hull of an old skin-on-frame kayak of his to make it into a serious Greenland rolling machine. Good luck, Michael!

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