Thursday, March 16, 2006

American Idol? or: The Kids Are Alright

Here. I wrote a poem. Do you like it?

This Melissa McPhee,
who is she, who is she?
No, quite seriously!
See, I've got no TV!*

Personally the young lady I would like to vote for for elevation to idol status is Shannon Babb.

"Me too! Hey, can I borrow your phone?"

p.s. - sorry, the way the week is looking Frogma's gonna be a lot of links to other people's interesting things this week - quarter end close plus starting into budget season means lots of work & long days for finance team - I do want to keep going with that plane thing though! honest! maybe Sunday, sigh...

p.p.s. - Koi photo courtesy of Setsunai at On Dai Higashi Doro...of course Setsunai doesn't know yet that Setsunai has provided this picture because it's 3:45 AM in Japan & I'd be really surprised if S. has seen my comment saying "Hi, used your picture, hope it's OK!" - anyways, On Dai Higashi Doro: Life from the Raglan Road of Tokyo looks pretty interesting, from the ever-so-quick look I took before absconding with the desired fish!

*Do you have any idea how much time you automatically save by not having one of those things?

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